The seasons are changing, it’s time to put away the skis and bring out the bikes but don’t forget to take it all in. Our latest collaboration t-shirt is a reminder to spend a moment and appreciate the simple things.

Year after year, Ransom seeks out talented individuals who inspire and impassion, collaborating on unique creations, including hats, t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, and more. These collaborations exemplify Ransom’s commitment to making art accessible, transforming it into functional pieces that can be taken home and cherished. Our newest collaboration rings true to our mission statement: to foster a connection between people and their clothing or accessories, empowering them and creating a sense of connection to Jasper as a place.

For Celina Frisson of The Creative Traveller finding balance is at the core of her creativity:

“You’ll hear them say “Live fast, die young”. We live in a world of fast. Fast internet, fast fashion, fast food, fast shipping. It all moves so fast. A young version of me once said to my grandpa “I wish my birthday would come faster” and he simply replied “don’t wish your life away, one day you’ll blink and it will feel like it went by too fast.”
I want to take the scenic route, to learn to garden, to make a wicked batch of lemon crinkle cookies, to create limitless pieces, to learn guitar, to enjoy the fleeting sunshine, to nest in my home and I want travel inwards and outwards. I don’t want those things to go fast, I’ll save the fast moments for my bike, the hill, the running shoes.
Instead of living fast, I want to live slow.”

Celina teamed up with Ransom to create clothing that explore different aspects of Jasper’s natural beauty. These interdisciplinary projects not only showcase Frisson’s versatility as an artist but also foster a sense of community among Jasper’s creative minds.

In addition to collaborating with fellow artists, Frisson is deeply involved in her local community, organizing workshops and events to inspire the next generation of artists. She encourages others to explore their creativity and find their own unique voice in Jasper.

Spring is here! Come and check out all the new clothing, shoes & accessories to brighten up your wardrobe. Get your Live Slow Bike Fast t's here.