The Power of Art - Tirza Olsen Collaboration

In times of social and political turmoil, art has always been a powerful tool for expressing resistance and opposition. And in the current political climate, where the US has overturned Roe versus Wade and anti-abortion movements are gaining traction, even in Canada, art that celebrates the female reproductive systems is a perfect opposition to the restrictions being placed on women.

That's why when Silvie from Ransom approached local artist, Tirza Olsen, about turning her artwork into a shirt, it was met with a resounding “Let’s do this!” They both agreed that Tirza's beautiful depiction of the female reproductive system would be a powerful statement against the limitations on women's rights. But the origin of this piece of art goes back further than that.

Tirza had originally drawn the picture as a way of supporting her friends and acquaintances through their periods. A group of women in Jasper had started Moon Love Sisters, a community dedicated to nurturing and being nurtured during their monthly cycles. They delivered small nourishments in various forms like homemade chocolates, teas, poems, crystals, flowers, and bath salts to the homes of women during their cycle. Members of the group were inspired to "look outside and let nature; the weather, the season and the muse inspire how we give, and to look inside and learn how we would like to be cared for, inspire how we care for others."

Tirza was inspired to draw this beautiful depiction of the female reproductive system and share it with the Moon Love Sisters on stickers as a way of contributing to this supportive community. But the power of art is that it can have so many meanings, and once it was placed on a shirt and became available for members of the public to wear, the meaning and power of this piece grew.

One of the things that Silvie likes most about this piece, are the stories people have shared with her after purchasing the shirt. From two gynecological grad students excited to start work, to a woman recovering from ovarian cancer and another woman who has gone through many miscarriages, the emotional connectivity this artwork is producing is incredibly moving. 

Whether you want to wear this shirt as a symbol of resistance against governments who try to control women's reproductive freedoms, as a symbol of lost pregnancies, or overcome cancer, or sisterhood, or simply because you love the design, this artist collaboration between Ransom and Tirza Olsen is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It's a beautiful expression of support, love, and resistance that can be worn with pride and purpose.